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OrbitX Lay betting on basketball

If you will ask out there any of the pro punters about which sport is the best one to place lay and arbitrage bets, then basketball is going to be among the top selections. The total points spreads, and the match winner with handicap along with many other markets, can be considered as really safe options to apply on OrbitX a lay betting system on basketball. You just have to know what you are doing. You supposedly have done your research, you know the way each team deploys their strategy in the court and the strengths and weakesses alike.


As long as you have a clue on all the above mentioned, then you are good to go and become a bookmaker all by yourself by placeing on OrbitX a basketball lay betting. In the following line we are goinh to explain you what exactly is lay betting on the hoops, how can place such wagers on OrbitX and we will also give you some really important tips to enhance your activity. Keep on reading and we promise you that you won’t regret it.


What is OrbitX basketball lay betting

We are more than sure that by now you already have understood what is lay betting. Just to recap, is the typpe of betting where you declare that an outcome is not going to happen. As long as you have chosen an outcome on OrbitX for lay betting on basketball, you will see the initial prices on lay. Next, you are the one to set the odds on that outcome, so you typically become the bookmaker. Afterward, you wait for another punter to match your bet, declaring that this outome will happen.


Let’s get an example from the magical world of NBA. You see the Utah Jazz vs Portland Trail Blazers match and you believe that the Jazz is not going to end up winning it. You will find initial odds of 2.68 on the lay betting tab and then you click to set your odds. As soon as you place your bet, another punter should come and match your bet, declaring that Utah Jazz is going to win the match. In case that this won’t happen, you double your money. In case Utah does win, then you will have to payout the winnings to the punter that matched your lay bet. That is the liability of the lay bet. Of course, at the same time, you also lose your stakes. Do not get dissapointed though as if you will choose the proper handicap, it will be difficult to lose your bet.


Keep on reading if you really want to know how you can place your lay bets on OrbitX.


How to wager on OrbitX on basketball betting with lay?

In the previous paragraph we explained how you can apply on OrbitX lay betting on basketball, but how can you start wagering on the Orbit exchange? Do not stress, it is extremely easy to become amember on the exchange. You can either try to sign up directly, but it will be a little bit more complicated. Otherwise, the best way to go on OrbitX with a lay betting system on basketball is through Brokerstorm. Enter the offficial page of the latter and click on the Sign Up button. Fill in the mandatory fields and complete your registration. Next top up your account andd contact the Customer Support team to give you access on the operators. Finally, complete the KYC procedure, so you will be ready for your first withdrawal, as soon as you have produced your first winnings.


Always have in mind that Brokerstorm welcomes the arbers and the winners and you can apply your arbitrage betting strategy not only on OrbitX, but also on three more betting exchanges and the PS3838 Asian Bookmaker. The latter is the top destination for Asian Handicaps, coming with huge limits on each match, something that makes it a top choice for the pro players.You will also find the Winfair24 exchange, which offers the lowest commission in the market, 3% and the top races specialized exchange, Whitehorse.


Stick with us, as you are going to find the best OrbitX lay betting basketball tips, to get your betting to the next level.


The top OrbitX lay betting basketball tips

Applying on OrbitX lay betting on basketball is as easy as drinking a glass of water. But what does separates the boys from the men? The casual bettors from the true winners? Do you want to apply on OrbitX the lay betting system on basketball and make some money? Then you should probably check out the following tips.


OrbitX lay betting on basketball with arbitrage


The easier way to make some serious money down the way by using lay betting on basketball is arbitrage. Open on Brokerstorm all the available operators and check out the odds set on the outcome you want to place your bets on. As soon as you see a huge difference among two or more operators, then you should go and place a bet on both the opposite outcomes. Do not forget to use an arbitrage calculator so you can make correct calculations and end up with a sure profit.


Point spread lay bet


Basketball is all about points, so the point spread on the Match winner might be life saving or costly, depending on how hard you have studied the match and the teams’ stregths and weaknesses. Find the correct handicap that the team will not be able to surpass and you will always end up winning your bet.


Trading through team news


Finally, trading, although it is a risky proposition, can be very profitable as well. You can place on OrbitX a basketball betting lay bet as soon as the odds are published and then wait for the odds to change. Next, get to another betting exchange and buy the back odds on the same outcome. Always have the liability on your mind in case your lay bet is the lost one, so you should make your calculations accordingly.