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How to get the best OrbitX Odds

If you have been looking to place your bets on the best betting exchange, then the solution and the answer is extremely easy. The way to go is through OrbitX, a betting exchange powered by Betfair, and which gives you the chance to get the Betfair betting experience, with even more benefits. One of them is the extremely high OrbitX payout, which can go up to 99% on the top leagues, while the average payout on OrbitX is at 98%. The bettors just must choose OrbitX and join through, the top betting brokerage service in the world. As soon as you do that, you will get the chance to place your back and lay bets with these extremely high odds.


In the upcoming lines you will have the chance to find out all you ever wantd to know about the odds on OrbitX, on every popular sport and overall, so you can have the full picture and start betting on your favorite events with the most beneficial prices. Keep reading the guide we have prepared for you and we promise you that you are not going to regret it.


The OrbitX payout per sport

The best part of placing a bet on the betting exchanges and more specifically on OrbitX, is the fact that you are going to get the best possible prices. None of the traditional bookies can reach a payout of 99%, while the same applies to the most of betting exchanges out there. As you may already understand, the OrbitX odds exceed every expectation, and they will make you fall in love with the operator. If you want to get the top OrbitX odds, so you can get the most out of your investment, then it is more than a must to join To do so, you will have to enter the main page and click on the “Sign Up” button. Next, fill in all the mandatory information and create your account. Finally, get in touch with the Customer Support team, ask for access to the OrbitX exchange and start betting with the top OrbitX odds.


It is time though to break down the odds offering you are going to find on every sport.  Let’s begin with the King of Sports, football. The punters will have the chance to place their bets with a huge payout reaching an extraordinary 99% on the top leagues, like the Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A and the French Ligue 1. These OrbitX odds apply not only on the 1X2 market, but on the over/under and the Asian Handicaps as well. On the minor leagues, like the Danish Super Ligaen, the Scottish Premier League and the Spanish Segunda Division, this payout will fall down a little bit, as it will reach a 97% payout overall. You will not find a big difference on less popular leagues, like the Korean or the Japanese league, as both of them will come with a payout of 96% on the most popular markets.


As for the OrbitX payout on basketball, this depends massively on the league you have chosen to place your bets on. For example, should you choose a Moneyline market on the NBA you will get a 96.5%, but the handicap will give you some almost flowless odds on OrbitX, with the payout rising up to 99.3%! For example, at the Boston Celtics vs New Orleans Pelicans match we found an odds set of 2.00 – 1.97 on the Match Winner with Handicap. In case you will choose a Moneyline on the German BBL, you will discover a  payout on OrbitX which goes up to 94%, while on the Match Winner with Handicap market it rises up to 95%. Finally, if you will choose a less popular league the odds on OrbitX will fall down to 93% on the Handicap market and on 91.5% on the Match Winner.


Let’s get to tennis now, where the punters should expect to get the best possible odds on  OrbitX, wen the talk goes to the big tournaments. For example, the odds on OrbitX for the Tsitsipas vs Rublev match came with an odds set of 1.67 – 2.48 for the Moneyline market, which is translated to a 99.5% payout! The Set Winner market comes with a 99.2%, the same payout is offered to the X tennis player to win a set, but when the talk goes to the Match Winner with Handicap, the odds on OrbitX are a little bit lower. The payout in this case goes down to 95%. In a case of a less important tourney, like an ITF for example, the maximum  odds on OrbitX come with a payout of 95%, mostly on the Match Winner and the Set Winner markets.


Finally, regarding all the other sports, you will find an overall payout of 97%, on the most popular markets and for sports like boxing, MMA, Motorsports and other. You can also grab a huge payout on OrbitX on cricket, which has a dedicated section on its own.


So, what are you waiting for? Place your bets on OrbitX now through, the best betting broker in the world, offering 4 different betting exchanges, OrbitX included, and an Asian bookmaker. Join now here!