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OrbitX Lay betting on football

If you will ask any of the punters out there which is the feature intriguing them the most on a betting exchange, then you will get only one answer unanimously! The lay betting feature, which gives the players the chance to become bookmakers all by themselves! Does this statement feel like something odd to you? It is a vast true that thanks to the OrbitX lay betting system on football and on all the other sports offered by the popular betting exchange, you have the chance to set the odds and then wait for another bettor to buy (back) the opposite outcome. As you may already know, laying a bet means that you bet on an outcome to not happen.


OrbitX offers back and lay football betting and in the following lines you will have the chance to learn what exactly is lay betting on football and how it works on this sport. In the same time you will have the chance to learn how you will be able to place your lay bets on football on OrbitX, along with a comparison between back and lay betting.


What is OrbitX football lay betting

Many new punters on the concept of a betting exchange are going to ask what is OrbitX’s lay betting on football. Long story short, wagering on footballl with lay betting means that you declare that you don’t believe an outcome with occur. To make it more clear to you, should you choose to apply on OrbitX a lay betting system on a football match between Arsenal and Chelsea and you lay bet on Chelsea, it means that you don’t believe that the Blues are going to win it. In case of a draw, or if Arsenal wins the match, you will be the one to get the money. If Chelsea wins, you lose.


In that case you should take under consideration the liability of a your lay bet, which is the amount of money you staked and you lost. But not only that. At the same time, you should payout the amount of money the punter placed to match your lay bet.


How to wager on OrbitX on football betting with lay?

It is very simple and you will need to spend just a little time before you will able to place on  OrbitX a lay betting on football. You will have to join OrbitX and the best way to do it is through the top betting broker platform, You just have to enter Brokerstorm’s main page, click on the button Sign Up and then fill in all the needed information. Next, contact the Customer Support team and ask for access on all the available betting exchanges and the offered Asian bookie.


On Winfair you will have the chance to bet with the best with the lowest commission on winnings, 3%, while through Whitehorse you will get the opportunity to bet on all the Horse and Greyhounds races with lay betting. You can also bet on Fair Exchange and of course, on one of the best Asian bookies, PS3838, the best destination for Asian handicap betting. Keep reading as in the next paragraphs you will find an important comparison on OrbitX’s back and lay football betting.


Should I choose OrbitX’s Back or lay in football betting?

OrbitX’s back and lay football betting are two vastly different conditions and types of wagering. While on the first occasion you declare that you back an outcome to happen,  OrbitX’s lay betting on football is the opposite, you bet on an outcome not to happen. Back betting is the most traditional way of wagering, with the difference that on an exchange you will get vastly higher odds. On the other hand, if you go on OrbitX with a lay betting system on football you will have the chance to become the bookmaker. You will be the one to set the odds, place your bet on the outcome you believe that it won’t happen and then you will have to wait for another bettor to match your bet, back this outcome to happen.


Should you be the one losing though, you will be the one paying out the winnings to the other punter and at the same time you will also lose your placed bet. Don’t get instantly disappointed though, as OrbitX football lay betting gives you a 66.6% possibility to win the match. If you really know what to do, in most of the cases you will be the one ending up on top. If you also consider that backing an outcome on an 1X2 market comes with a 33.3% possibility to win it, then there is no doubt that when beting on OrbitX lay betting system on football is the way to go, if you want to get your betting to the next level.