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OrbitX Betfair: How is OrbitX related with Betfair

As time goes by and the punters become more informed, it is clear that they turn their sights mostly on the betting exchanges to get the best possible betting experience. After all, the players know that they are going to get higher odds, a smaller commission will apply and the most important of all. They will have the chance to become the bookmakers, through the lay betting ways. As it might be known to you OrbitX is powered by Betfair. That means it has a handful of similarities with the parent betting exchange, while at the same time it comes with many differencies making it an even better choice than Betfair itself.


In the following article we are going to analyze all the ways OrbitX Betfair is similar to the great betting exchange,. In addition we are about to talk about all the differencies in the two betting exchanges and of course, how can you register on the latter through the best betting brokerage service, Stick with us, as you are going to find a handful of interesting and extremely useful information that are going to bring an uplift to your betting activity.


Orbitx by Betfair: Similarities and differences

The best part of all is that OrbitX Betfair can be reached and you can join directly, or even through, the best betting brokerage service in the world. While the first way is pretty straightforward, to join through the second one, you should get to the official page and click on the “Sign Up” button. Next, fill in all the mandatory information and complete your registration. That’s it. You can now contact the Customer Support and ask for access to the exchange Orbitx by Betfair and get to the action.


As we have already told, Orbitx by Betfair is at the same time similar and different to the parent betting exchange and we are going to break down both of them in the upcoming lines. Let’s begin with the differencies. The firrst and most prominent it has to do with the commission rates on the players’ winnings. While on Betfair it begins from 5% and lowers even at 2% when you keep betting on the exchnage platform for more than a while, OrbitX Betfair offers a steady 3.5%. That means that from the beginning you have an extremely low commission to your winnings.


Also, OrbitX Betfair does not come with any premium charges in case you keep on winnning. Another very big difference has to do with the minimum bet a player can place on a lay bet, which is at 6€, while at Betfair is as low as 1€ nowadays (it was 2€ until the 7th of February of 2022). There is one more reason to keep on betting with the  OrbitX Betfair betting exchange and that is the better odds comparing to the mother exchange. The payout might rise up to 99% on the top leagues, while at the same time on Betfair the maximum payout reaches 97.5%.


If you want to know about more differencies, it is safe to say that OrbitX Betfair comes with a more lenient KYC procedure and of course, you don’t have to complete it as soon as you have completed your registration. You can complete the procedure at any time you feel like to, or even at the time you are about to ask for your first withdrawal. Something that is not the case on Betfair. On the mother company, due to the legislation of every country, the bettors will have to complete the KYC either after the completion of the registration or within a certain time frame. Finally, while on Orbit you have the chance to top up your account through cryptocurrencies, on Betfair you will have to use the most regular payment systems, like cards, bank transfer and e-wallets.


Let’s get now to the similarities. Since we are talking about Orbitx by Betfair, as you might expect, the betting offering will be the same. The number of markets, of available sports (more than 35) and all the great features that are available on Betfair, are also in Orbitx by Betfair. Also, in both of them you will get the same look and feel on both desktop and mobile sites, although the colors will be different. Moreover, safety is gurantedd in both of them for the players, as both come with a prestigious license and according to the bettors’ opinion are more than fair to the players. Finally, as you might expect, as we talk for betting exchanges, both of them give the players the chance to become bookmakers by themselves, thanks to the lay betting feature. In fact you can place lay bets on both of them, not only on the most popular sports, but on horse and greyhound races as well.


Overall, Orbitx by Betfair gives the players a more complete package and everythng that Betfair can’t offer you. So, there is no doubt that you should turn your sights towards OrbitX. Join now through and get the most out of your betting experience.