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Why should I choose OrbitX bet over Betfair

Betting exchanges are great places for punters to place their bets. The odds are usually higher than average, the stake limits are large, and the commissions are low. Some professional players like to bet on exchanges instead of regular sportsbooks for these reasons.

Betfair was the first betting exchange to bring new things to the betting industry, and it is considered the biggest exchange of all. However, due to geographical restrictions, Betfair is not available everywhere. Fortunately, there are many more betting exchanges on the market that can meet the needs of punters all over the world.

One excellent example is OrbitX, a great alternative that, in some cases, can be even better than Betfair. However, if you want to bet on OrbitX, you must open an account with a broker. The best choice to place an OrbitX bet is Brokerstorm. The top betting agent will give you access to OrbitX and a lot more bookies to wager with.

In the following paragraphs, you will see the differences between these two top exchanges, OrbitX and Betfair. You will learn all the advantages the exchanges have to offer and how you will be able to bet on them. Is OrbitX the best way for people to bet when they can’t get to Betfair? The answer will be given in the next few lines.


Should the punters bet on OrbitX or on Betfair?

OrbitX is a betting exchange that was founded in 2017. Even though the platform has about 5 years of service, it is considered one of the big players in the betting industry. The site is designed in a modern, easy-to-use way, offering bettors a great betting experience with lots of extra features.

For those who want to bet on OrbitX, they can access the betting exchange through Brokerstorm. The betting agent offers access to the betting exchange as well as other bookies. However, regarding OrbitX, the platform is the broker’s highlight due to the unique advantages it includes.

As a betting exchange, an OrbitX bet has great benefits. One of them is the ability to place a lay bet. This means that you can not only bet on an outcome, but that you can also bet against it. Additionally, on OrbitX, you can do successful trading and secure profits from your bets.

The reasons the punter should choose OrbitX

If you decide to bet on OrbitX, you will see that the platform offers a wide selection of sports. In the sports section, you will find over 25 sports to place your OrbitX bet, including the most popular ones. For example soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing, etc. Also, there are a huge number of betting markets on all sports events, both before and during the games.

The odds you will find on the platform are among the highest in the betting industry. This is because, when you bet on OrbitX, you are betting against another player. We can say that the players are also the bookies, so the odds are quite higher than at sportsbooks. To be more specific, payouts on most events can reach 98-99%.

When you win an OrbitX bet, the exchange keeps a small commission from your winnings. This is happening on all exchanges. But OrbitX has a significantly low flat commission of 3.5%. If you compare it to other exchanges’ commissions, you will see that it is quite low for such a service. Betfair, for example, has a commission of 5-7% on the players’ profits.

Additionally, the platform has no stake limits or any betting restrictions. So, if you like to bet on OrbitX with high stakes or you keep winning on your wagers, you won’t have any problem with the service. The betting exchange maintains an arbitrage friendly approach for all players, making it very easy for high rollers and professional players to place their bets.

The Betfair advantages

Betfair is the biggest and oldest betting exchange in the industry. It was founded in 2000, and it is known as the most trustworthy and reliable exchange out there. The platform also offers many advantages for punters, although most of them can be found on other exchanges as well.

The biggest advantage that makes Betfair stand out is the liquidity it offers. With liquidity, we mean how fast our bet will be matched by another player. As previously stated, in betting exchanges, punters compete against one another. So, when you back or lay a bet, there must be an opposite player to bet against you.

Betfair also has a great live betting system. Many events are covered by live streaming, and the live betting markets that the platform offers are many. Additionally, punters can enjoy fast live betting acceptance along with high odds. This applies to many sporting events, from the most popular ones to even less known competitions and minor leagues.

Another benefit Betfair offers is the sportsbook section. Except for a betting exchange, Betfair also happens to be a bookie. In the sportsbook section, you will find more sports and events to bet on. However, this time you are competing against Betfair, like a typical sportsbook. The platform also includes a live casino, poker, slots, and more.

A final conclusion

If you want to find an alternative betting exchange to bet on, OrbitX is the ideal solution for all kinds of punters. The platform can give you a great betting experience similar to that at Betfair, if not better. In fact, players have many reasons to bet on OrbitX rather than Betfair, since they will receive more benefits.

You should prefer to place an OrbitX bet for many reasons. One of them is the low commission the platform offers on your winnings. The 3.5% commission of OrbitX is significantly lower than the one of Betfair, which can be as high as 7%, depending on your country. Especially if you bet with high stakes, you will see a big difference in your profits.

In addition, you can access OrbitX from almost everywhere in the world through Brokerstorm. Unfortunately, Betfair is forbidden in many countries, and you will probably face limitations if you try to open an account there. But through a betting agent like Brokerstorm, you will place an OrbitX bet without any restrictions.

Furthermore, if you are not a high roller and prefer to bet with low stakes, OrbitX is a much better choice for you. The minimum stake to place an OrbitX bet is just 6 euros for back and lay bets. If you combine that with the small commission the platform offers and no additional charges, placing an OrbitX bet is the right way for you.