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OrbitX Lay betting on american football

American football has been on the rise within the last decade and the fact that the sport has taken a huge exposure from the bookies and the betting exchanges from all over the world has definitely helped the sport to become even more popular. The punters who will choose to apply on OrbitX their lay betting system on american football, will have the chance to bet on the most popular american league with the highest possible odds and of course, they can act as a bookmaker thanks to the lay betting feature.


In the upcoming lines you will have the chance to see and learn what exactly is lay betting, how can you use it on american football and of course hiw can you apply it on one of the best Betfair alternative betting exchanges, OrbitX. You will also find a handful of OrbitX lay betting american football tips, that are going to help you get the most out of your american football betting activity. Keep on reading and we promise that you are going to find some more than interesting information.


What is OrbitX american football lay betting

Wagering on the American football with lay betting is nothing different than placing a bet on any other sport. You just have to make a thorough research on the teams’ performance and news, so you can make the best possible decisions for your betting activity. Using on OrbitX lay betting on american football gives you the chance to become the bookmaker, since you are the one to set the odds on the outcome you believe that is not going to happen in this match. Of course, you still have to consider the liability in case your lay bet is lost. That would be translated to paying off the winnings to the punter who matched your lay bet.


Let’s see an example of applying on OrbitX a lay betting system on american football. The New Enland Patriots play against the Minnesota Vikings, with the lay odds set being 2.50 – 1.73. By laying against the Patriots at 2.50, you declare that you don’t believe they will win it. Note that these are the initial odds and as soon as you click on the outcome you can create your own odds, place your bets and then wait for another punter to match you, backing that outcome. If you win, you will double your money, but should you lose, you will have to pay the 15€ liability of the lost lay bet and of course, you will have lost your bet. Should you apply the correct handicap though, it will be much easier to win on OrbitX’s american football betting with lay. So, just make your research regarding the capabilities and weaknesses of each team, check out the odds and place your lay bets.


How to wager on OrbitX on american football betting with lay?

Using on OrbitX lay betting on american football won’t be difficult, as long as you understand the concept behind this type of betting. But how can you join and start betting on OrbitX with the lay betting system on american football? You can join either directly, or through, which would be the best way to go, to be honest. After all, through just a single account you have the chance to place your bets on 5 different betting operators, OrbitX included. You will find 3 more Betfair powered betting exchanges (Fair999, the exclusive WinFair24 and Whitehorse) and the top Asian handicap bookmaker, PS3838. Follow the next steps to become a Brokerstorm and OrbitX member:


– Enter

– Click on the “Sign Up” button

– Fill in all the mandatory fields

– Complete your registration and then go through the KYC procedure

– Contact the Customer Support team to give you access on all the operators

– Next, top up your account

– Finally, enter on the OrbitX exchange and start placing your bets.


The top OrbitX lay betting american football tips

We have already explained most of the things you need to know about how you can use on OrbitX lay betting on american football, but it would be even better to use some more strategies and tips to help you get even more winnings. See below each one of the best OrbitX lay betting system to use on american football.


Lay Betting arbitrage


In this case you end up with a certain profit. That means that you place your bets on both outcomes, using lay betting and as soon as you have made the correct calculations you will end up with a sure win on the American football. For arbitrage, always have available an arbing calculator, it will help you do all the calculations, leaving aside the possibility of a mistake.


Point spread lay bet


Handicaps are your friends in the case of the American football, as long as you have done your research and you have understood the strategies of each team, how close are most of their matches or not. In that way you can use OrbitX’s american football lay betting system the best way possible and make a serious profit.


Trading through players’ news


You should be just ready as long as the odds are published. Play your back bet and then wait for a big movement on the odds set. By the time the latter becomes a reality, you should go to a second exchange and lay the same outcome you backed on the first bookmaker. Don’t forget to include on your calculations the possible liability of the lost lay bet.