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OrbitX Lay betting on boxing

Boxing has always keep the punters intrigued, even at the times when the sport was not as popular as it is right now. Nowadays, thanks to the betting exchanges, the punters can change their wagering methods, by starting placing their bets on results that are not going to happen, according to their point of view. At the same time, thanks to that feature, they can act as a bookmaker, so it would probably be an understatement if we would say that boxing is once more the king of betting for the boxing fans. The punters can now start applying on OrbitX a lay betting system boxin, generating in that way huge winnings.


In the upcoming lines you will have the chance to learn what is lay betting on boxing and how can you apply it on the Orbitx betting exchange platform. Also, you will find some very useful OrbitX lay betting boxing tips and strategies that are going to help you win even more. So, just keep on reading the guide we have prepared for you and we promise you that you won’t regret it.


What is OrbitX boxing lay betting

Boxing is one of the most suitable sports to apply lay betting and the reason for that is that in general is a fair sport. The best boxer, the most trained, the most skilled is the one that usually wins. But there is more to it. As long as you have studied the fighters and researched their performances, their training routines and the ways they usually win a match, you will have much more weapons at your hand. After all, lay betting is all about stating that a specific outcome will not happen, while for this specific result you become the bookmaker, setting the odds. You just have to remember that in case you lose your bet, you will also have to pay the liability, a.k.a the winnings of the punter that matched your bet.


For example, in a bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, the first one is the favorite to win the match. His main skill is raw power and he has won most of the fights through a TKO. The same goes to Wilder, so in case you don’t want to mess with the final outcome of the match, you can apply an OrbitX lay betting system boxing more surely on a case that the match won’t go the distance. Or even that the winner won’t win by a unanimous decision. As long as the winner wins the bout with any other way than a unanimous decision, or the match does not go up the last round, you win.  Keep on reading if you want to know how will you be able to place on OrbitX boxing betting lay wagers.


How to wager on OrbitX on boxing betting with lay?

Using on OrbitX lay betting on boxing might be the fight of your life, as it can give you huge winnings. But how exactly will you be able to place your bets on OrbitX? First of all, you will have to become a member of the betting exchange and the best way to go is clearly through the best betting broker service, The latter gives you the chance to apply on OrbitX yout lay betting system on boxing, while you can also handle through a single account 4 mre operators. Three Betfair powered betting exchanges like the exclusive Winfair24, Fair999 and Whitehorse, along with the best alternative handicap betting operator, the Asian bookie PS3838. Here is how you can join Brokerstorm.


– Enter

– Click on the “Sign Up” button

– Fill in all the mandatory fields

– Complete your registration and then go through the KYC procedure

– Contact the Customer Support team to give you access on all the operators

– Next, top up your account

– Finally, enter on the OrbitX exchange and start placing your bets.


The top OrbitX lay betting boxing tips

Using OrbitX for lay betting on boxing is clearly the smartest movem as you might have seen on the above paragraphs. You can take more from your lay betting activity on boxing though, if you will try to apply all the following tips and strategies.


Lay Betting arbitrage


Through arbitrage you can go for a sure win on boxing. First check out the fight you want to place your bets on, apply on OrbitX your lay betting system boxing and then check out the odds set on all the other exchanges offered on Brokerstorm. As soon as you might see a discrepancy in the set of odds, go to the second exchange and place the opposite bet. Always have in mind the liability you will have to payout on the lost lay bet.


Point spread lay bet


In boxing, you can place a handicap bet on the total rounds to be displayed on the ring. Learn how the boxers tend to cope with every fight they givem which is their strategy and apply your OrbitX lay betting system boxing accordingly.


Trading through fighter’s news


This strategy will help you mostly in case you will buy your odds as soon as those are published. Then, follow any changes that might occur on the odds set and as soon as you see a big movement from the initial prices, make your move, by laying a bet on the outcome you backed in first place.