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How to bet on the OrbitX live exchange

Live betting is a very important section of sports wagering. In fact, it is thought to be the biggest betting trend on the planet right now. There are a lot of punters who prefer to place bets only on in-play matches to profit. OrbitX live betting is a great way for any bettor to wager, since it offers a huge variety of sporting events and many betting markets to choose from.

In the coming article, you will learn everything about the OrbitX live betting markets and the options that punters have available to wager on. You will see how high the live betting odds at OrbitX are compared to other sites and what extra features the platform offers for live betting. Keep reading to see why in-play betting on OrbitX is one of the best in the industry.


Get to know the OrbitX live betting

OrbitX is a betting exchange that offers bets on pre-match or in-play events. The best way to register with the platform is through a broker like The top betting broker globally will give you access to the site’s betting markets. On the live betting section of the site, you will find all the ongoing events at the time, along with the offered odds.

Every day, hundreds of live matches from over 25 sports are available in OrbitX live betting. You will be able to place bets or lay bets in real time and choose from the huge selection of betting markets available for each event. In fact, most events offer over ten betting markets to choose from, depending on the match.

Live betting markets

All of the popular sports and many less popular are available to lay your hands on the OrbitX live exchange. In total, you will find over 25 sports to place your bets on live, offering hundreds of betting markets. Some of the most common ones are soccer, basketball, tennis, and cricket. However, if you want to expand your betting choices, other sports are also available.

To give you an idea of the variety of the OrbitX live betting markets, other sporting events are coming from American sports. Specifically, you will find betting choices for in-play events from American football, ice hockey, and baseball. But the selection of sports doesn’t stop there. Horse racing, volleyball, and boxing are some of the remaining sports on the list.

Regarding the OrbitX live betting markets, we must mention the extra bets you will find on each event. For example, in soccer, there are usually over ten betting markets to choose from, like Asian handicaps, correct scores, over/unders, double chances, and more. These are available for most matches, regardless of the popularity of the competition.

The same applies to basketball, tennis, American football, and other sports as well. The extra betting markets for each sport include many more choices like handicaps, totals, and money lines. Depending on the sport, every punter should find something to bet on since most of them are available for live betting.

Live betting odds

What about the OrbitX live betting odds? Are they worth the risk of betting? The answer to these questions is that the platform offers some of the highest betting odds on the market. Especially if you compare the odds to those of other bookmakers, you will see that OrbitX has a significantly higher payout.

OrbitX is a betting exchange. This means that when you place a bet, you compete against another bettor who takes on the role of the bookie. This is the reason why the OrbitX live betting odds are quite higher than those at other sites. In fact, depending on the sport and the liquidity, the payout can rise to very high levels.

In soccer, for example, the payout on the big competitions can reach to 98-99%, while in a typical sportsbook the payout might be about 93-94%. However, in some betting markets, the payout might drop to 96-97%. Nevertheless, it is still higher than other betting platforms. On OrbitX live betting, the same high odds are available for other sports as well.

We must mention here that the highest odds available are always in the most popular leagues. For example, you will find better odds on the NBA than the NCAA. This happens due to the liquidity difference and the odds that players propose. The OrbitX live betting odds, however, remain quite high, even in minor competitions.

Live betting features

The OrbitX live exchange platform offers some great features as well. The betting exchange offers punters the ability to place “one-click” bets, which can save valuable time when betting live.  With this feature, you can set a standard stake and immediately place the bets you want without losing any time.

The platform also shows in each event how many bets have been matched. This method allows you to determine which games are popular among punters. So, if you place a bet on a match with a high number of matched bets, your bet will probably be matched right away. There is also a “Favourites” section, where you can add the competitions you want to follow.