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OrbitX Lay betting on MMA

Fight sports have been on the rise lately and the main responsible for that is none other than MMA. It is bloody, it comes with a huge adrenaline rush, it’s an impressive sport and it also is great for betting. Not only that, but the players can also place on OrbitX MMA lay betting. Something that means that they are now the bookmakers setting the odds for each UFC or Bellator card and the respective matches on each card.


In the following article you will have the chance to find out how can you apply on OrbitX a lay betting system on MMA, which is the way to create an OrbitX acccount and place your MMA wagers. Additionally you will find some of the most important MMA lay betting tips, so you can bring your betting activity to the next level. Keep on reading and you will get the chance to learn how to become a pro MMA punter, so do not miss out on the chance.


What is OrbitX MMA lay betting

First things first. What exactly is on OrbitX lay betting on MMA? We are talking about the exact opposite of the back betting, which means that in contrary with the latter, where you root for an MMA fighter or an outcome, in lay betting you declare that an outcome will not happen. For example, if you believe that Kamaru Usman will win a fight against Leon Edwards, you should place your back bet for Usman. But if you believe that the fight will end up either on a draw or Edwards will win it, you can lay a bet on Usman, which means that you don’t expect he will win.


As soon as you choose your OrbitX lay betting system on MMA on the market that intrigues you the most, you should set the odds for the outcome that you don’t believe it will occur on a match. Afterward, you should wait for another punter to match this bet, backing it. When choosing on OrbitX MMA lay betting, you should always take into consideration the liability of a possible lost lay bet. In case you lose, you will have to also pay off the winnings to the punter who backed the bet you layed.


So, which are the best markets to go on OrbitX for a MMA betting lay? For sure, the winner of the bout is offered for laying a bet, as well as the total rounds of the fight, or even Fighter to win X round, Fighter to Gather X points, or if there will be a Draw/ Technical Draw.


How to wager on OrbitX on MMA betting with lay?

So, you have decided that you want to become an OrbitX member and go on OrbitX for lay betting on MMA. How can you join the popular betting exchange? There are two ways to do it. The first would be directly, but you might find out that is a little bit more complicated way to go. The best route to becoming an OrbitX punter, would be through the best betting broker service in the world,


You just have to enter Brokerstorm, click on the Sign Up button and enter your personal information. As soon as you have created your new account, contact the Customer Support team to give you access on OrbitX and on three more betting exchanges in the like of Winfair24, Whitehorse and Fair999. You should also complete the KYC procedure, so you can take advantage of the full potential of your account. Next, top up your account and that’s it. You are ready to go and wager on OrbitX on MMA with lay betting. Simple as that.


The top OrbitX lay betting MMA tips

It is easy to wager on OrbitX with lay betting on MMA randomly, but it is even better to have at hand some important tips, which can bring you more winnings and get your betting to the next level.


Lay Betting arbitrage


We understand that you have always wanted to find a way to apply on OrbitX a lay betting system on MMA that will bring you a sure win. The way to go is arbitrage. Open all the available operators on Brokerstorm, the 4 exchanges and the Asian bookie offered from the broker and as soon as you find huge discrepancies on the odds, place contradictive bets. Use an arbitrage calculator to understand the exact amount you should use to get a sure profit and… there you go.


Spread betting lay bet


In the case of MMA the only viable spread betting option would be the line on the total rounds of a fight. Study carefully the trends of the two fighters, if they are used to go the distance or not and you will understand which would be the correct line to bet on OrbitX for a MMA betting lay.


Trading through fighters’ news


Learn everything about the fighters’ training, their mentality, how ready are they and how their trainers treat them. Then place your back bet and as soon as -according to the changes that might occur – you notice a huge movement on the odds, you can go on a second betting exchange and place a lay bet on the same outcome. Remember to take into consideration the liability of a lost lay bet, so you can make your calculations accordingly.