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How to enter orbit exchange on restricted countries

So, you have learned that OrbitX offers all the great advantages of betting with Betfair, also giving some benefits that can only be found on a Betfair alternative betting exchange. You try to make your registration, but you find some big obstacles down the way. The reason behind that is that OrbitX is not available to your territory due to the regulations in your country regarding gambling. So, does the fact that your territory is on the orbit exchange restricted countries mean that you should say goodbye to your possibilities of betting to Orbit exchange or to any other Betfair alternative betting exchanges?


No, definitely not! That is the reason why we have prepared for you the following guide, giving you all the possible ways to go around in case your territory is among the restricted countries for Orbit exchange. We know that we have already intrigued you, so you just have to keep on reading and we promise you that we will give you all the solutions you have ever dreamt of.


Ways of betting on restricted countries on Orbit exchange

Although OrbitX is an alternative betting exchange to Betfair coming with a Curacao license, you will still find some Orbit exchange restricted countries. These are territories that will not let you enter the site and of course make an OrbitX registration, due to the regulations existing in such countries. That, of course, doesn’t mean that OrbitX does not accept punters from that country, they just don’t have a chance to enter the official site and make a registration there.


So, what should your work around be? One of the most sensible ways to go is to use a VPN service. You would have to find a trustworthy VPN program and download it to your smartphone and your computer, choose a country’s ip that will give you the chance get access to the official site and you are ready to go. The only thing that could be a disadvantage here is that you would have to pay extra money to get a really good VPN program, as the free ones have limited capabilities. If you are on the orbit exchange restricted countries list and down to pay more just to have the chance to place your bets with a respected Betfair alternative betting exchange, then be our guest and go for it.


But not so fast… We can offer you an even better way to go around the fact that your territory is listed on the Orbit exchange restricted countries. The best way to go is to sign up to a betting broker service, as it will give the chance to place your bets on OrbitX, but not directly to it. Everything happens through the betting broker’s platform, so… Everything changes! Beware though, as not all the betting brokers are licensed and can let you enter their domains. So, if you will choose the wrong brokerage, not only you will not be able to place your bets to OrbitX, as your territory is among the Orbit exchange restricted countries, but you will also won’t be able to enter the broker’s site.


In this case, you should choose a licensed broker, just like The latter comes with a Curacao license, which gives the service the opportunity to operate anywhere in the world. So, in this scenario, it doesn’t matter if your territory is listed on the Orbit exchange restricted countries, as Brokerstorm, has your back. Moreover, since comes with an NV license, that means that you will not have to pay and use any VPN services. How great is that?


But the advantages of registering a new account with Brokerstorm don’t end there. The latter gives you the chance to place your bets on Betfair betting exchanges like the exclusive Winfair24, the races expertise Whitehorse exchange, the up and coming Fair999 and of course OrbitX, while at the same time you will get the chance to place your bets on the best Asian handicap bookmaker, PS3838. Probably, if you have been on the orbit exchange restricted countries, you will also be on the restricted countries list for the aforementioned operators as well.


Having that in mind, lets you get the most out of your betting activity, even if your territory is on the restricted countries for Orbit exchange and for all the other operators. You place your bets with the safety and the assurance, the best betting brokerage in the world, gives to the punters.


Should we also mention that by having all these options at hand, you will also get the chance to place arbitrage bets? Yes, that is a real fact! You can place your contradictive bets to the different operators without expecting that in some point your account will be limited or closed. Winners and arbers are mostly welcome to Brokerstorm. That is an extra advantage that you would never get as you live in a territory that is among the restricted countries for Orbit exchange or for all the other operators offered by the broker service.


As you can see, being on the black list of the restricted countries for Orbit exchange won’t stop you from betting on one of the best betting exchanges out there. You just have to make the correct decision, let behind you the fact that there are some restricted countries for the Orbit exchange and just join forces with the best betting broker in the world, Brokerstorm. Your betting will be so much different, so don’t lose more time!