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How to complete an orbit exchange register

We are more than sure that you have been eager to find an alternative betting exchange to Betfair. Your search is now over, since the best possible choice for all the type of players is none other than OrbitX. The latter is a Betfair clone, bringing to the table all the advantages and benefits a player would take from betting to the mother company, but along with many others, like crypto transactions and a lower commission to the players’ winnings among others. So the next most sensible question would be “how can I complete an orbit exchange register”?


That is exactly what are we going to analyze further in the upcoming lines. You will see all the possible ways through which you can complete your orbit exchange registration and of course, we suggest you the best one, so you can dive in the action right away and you can take advantage of all the above mentioned benefits. Keep on reading, we promise that you will not regret it.


Which are the ways to make an orbit exchange registration?

As we have already said in the introduction, an orbit exchange register will give you the power to place back and lay bets with the best possible conditions. A lower commission to the players winnings, which is at 3.5%, crypto transactions and of course a much more lenient KYC procedure, comparing to the mother company, are just some of the extra advantages you will get, apart from the high liquidity, the same number of markets, events and competitions as Betfair’s and of course, extremely high odds. So, which are the ways you can reach out to OrbitX and make an orbit exchange register?


Well, the first one would be the most usual, a direct joining. But, in this case, you will have to contact the Customer support of the operator and ask for access to be granted to you. As you can see, it is a little bit more complicated than what happens in the attempt to register a new account to a traditional bookmaker.


You can avoid all the above though, just by using the second and most prominent way to complete an orbit exchange register. You can join forces with your beloved Betfair alternative betting exchange, by creating a new account to a betting broker service. In this way, you can get even more advantages that you would only dream of.


For starters, you will have the chance to bet anonymously to your favorite operators, since you are not a direct member to OrbitX. You have an account with your broker, which is the one to handle your money, but in the same time, you get the chance to place your bets like you would do as a direct member.


Next, after you have completed an orbit exchange register through a broker, you get the chance to handle through just an account, multiple operators. In this case, the best betting broker service you can find out there, is Brokerstorm. We are talking about the best betting brokerage in the world, coming with four different betting exchanges, OrbitX included, and an Asian handicap bookmaker.


The above advantage will bring us to the next one, arbitrage betting and the fact that winners are more than welcome. Yes, as soon as you have completed an orbit exchange register through Brokerstorm, you can place contradictive bets to the available operators. And the best part? Your account will never be limited or closed!


Also, by completing an orbit exchange register through Brokerstorm, you make sure that you place your bets on a safe environment, as the broker comes with a Curacao license. That also means that you are not going to need a VPN service to complete your orbit exchange registration or place your bets. You can proceed with all your betting activity directly, just by entering, completing your orbit exchange registration for the first time there and then at every time you come back, you just need to log in to your account.


If you would ask our opinion, it is no brainer the fact that making an orbit exchange registration through a betting broker service is much better for your interests, than trying to join directly with the operator. And most specifically, when we talk about, the best betting broker in the world, you can feel secure and safe, while the procedure of making an orbit exchange registration is much easier.


And at the same time you get even more advantages, like more operators to place your bets on, the chance to go with arbitrage betting, place your bets without the usage of a VPN, get quicker withdrawals and bet under the umbrella of the broker and not directly to the operators. So do not miss the chance and more time to make the correct decision. Choose for your bets, the top betting brokerage globally and gather all the best benefits of betting in your hands.