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How to choose the best orbit exchange brokers

Betting on one of the best Betfair alternative betting exchanges, like OrbitX, might be proved a tricky situation for the punters. As you might now, you will have to follow a somehow complicated procedure to become a direct member to the operator. So the best way to get the chance to place your back and lay bets on OrbitX, is – hands down – registering on an orbit exchange brokers service. The latter, not only give you the chance to place your lay and back bets on OrbitX, but it also will give you access to more operators, place arbitrage bets and more.


But how exactly should you choose the correct brokers for Orbit exchange? Which are the most essential features your betting brokerage service should come with? And finally, which one is the betting broker coming with all those features? Those are the questions we will try to answer in the following guide  that we have prepared for you, so stick with us and we promise you that you are not going to regret doing so.


The top features of brokers with Orbit exchange

Finding the proper Orbit exchange brokers to place your bets on, to trust them and create a long term partnership it isn’t something easy. On the contrary, while many orbit exchange brokers claim to have everything a punter needs, that is not really the case. But which are exactly the features a betting broker service should come with?




Does that sound simple and granted for you? Believe us, it isn’t. It is very important your Orbit exchange brokers to be licensed, as this means that they are a safe and secure place for you. They have passed the proper audits regarding their fairness and security. Also, especially if they come with a globally recognized license from a respective authority like the one issued from the Curacao eGaming Authority, that means that no VPN services will be required to enter their site, as they have the “green light” to accept players from almost all over the world. One of the best betting brokers, coming also with an NV license, is Brokerstorm, which is considered to be the safest and most secure broker in the internet.


Availability of operators


Yes, it is true that the main attraction of the orbit exchange brokers is inevitably the OrbitX betting exchange, but that doesn’t mean that the punters don’t need to have available even more operators. In fact, they are more than essential, since in that way the punters will have the chance to shop the best possible odds, while at the same time the possibility of arbitrage betting seem to become a reality. is the best among the best Orbit exchange brokers selections, as it offers the bettors the chance to place their bets on OrbitX and on three more exchange, like the races expertise Whitehorse, the up and coming Fair999 and the exclusive for that broker, Winfair24, which comes with the lowest commission on the players’ winnings (3%).


Range of sports and betting markets


OrbitX is a betting exchange derived directly from Betfair and as such, it offers a huge range of 25+ sports, a wide array of betting markets and more than 100 extra bets at every football event. But that should not be just it. The total offering of the Orbit exchange brokers should give the players the chance to place their bets on e-sports, on the top horse and greyhound races and more. All the above mentioned are available at Brokerstorm and in fact, the latter also let the players place lay bets on the horse races, through the Whitehorse betting exchange and believe us, that is something that you are not going to find anywhere else.


Quick withdrawals


Betting is all about fun, yes, but that doesn’t mean that winnings aren’t the final destination of every player. Especially when arbitrage betting gets on the table, you might understand that you will have the chance to make serious money if the strategy will be applied correctly. The brokers offering Orbit exchange should pay out your winnings the quickest the possible and Brokerstorm is a great example of this being a reality. Brokerstorm exceeds from all the other brokers for Orbit exchange once more, as it will pay your winnings within 30 minutes in case of crypto transactions, a couple of hours if e-wallets are involved and up to 24 hours when the withdrawals are made through bank transfer or credit/ debit / prepaid cards.


Payment methods availability / Crypto transactions


Of course, before you reach to the level of making a withdrawal from your brokers’ for orbit exchange accounts, you should make sure that you will not find it difficult to top up your accounts and finally, make a withdraw from them. You should expect that your brokers for Orbit exchange will give you the chance to make a deposit through the most classic payment systems (bank transfer, credit/ debit / prepaid cards), by using e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, Muchbetter and Revolut and of course, the punters favorite cryptocurrencies. It is needless to say that Brokerstorm lets the punters make transactions through all the above mentioned payment methods and even use their cryptos to place their bets!


No VPN requirements


Again, it is a matter of licensing. If your orbit exchange broker holds a respectable license, like the NV one Brokerstorm coming with, then there will not be a need to buy and use a VPN service. The betting broker will be open and available to almost every country around the world and of course, Brokerstorm is such an example!


As you might have seen, it would be best for your interests and your betting activity to stop searching for the best possible orbit exchange brokers, as Brokerstorm is the one offering everything the players need, no matter their status. No matter if they are high rollers or recreational punters. So, do not miss out on the chance, make your registration on Brokerstorm now and start taking advantage of all the benefits!