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How can I become an Orbit exchange customer?

In case you have been sniffing around to find the best possible alternative betting exchange to Betfair, you should stop your search right now. OrbitX is the most suitable exchange for the needs of all levels of players, no matter if they are recreational or high rollers. In fact, you will  have the chance to get the same benefits like if you would be placing your bets on Betfair, like the same liquidity, the same number of sports, events and extra markets on every match, but in the same time, you will enjoy advantages you would get only be becoming an Orbit exchange customer.


In the lines to come we will analyze all the possible ways you could use to become and OrbitX exchange customer, we will suggest you the best possible one, so you can get the most out of your betting activity and of course, we are going to answer to a second big question. In the end, does it worth your time and effort to become an Orbit  exchange member? Keep on reading and all the questions will be answered before your eyes.


Does it worth it to be an OrbitX exchange customer?

On the one hand, many punters have stated that they are sick and tired of the limitations coming with every regulated bookmaker and betting exchange, Betfair included. On the hand though, they still are afraid of losing their money or ending up on operators which are not fair in terms of bet settling, transactions and account limitations. All these fears must end right now and we are going to help you do that through this guide.

Being an Orbit exchange customer can only bring the best part of betting to you, as we talk about an operator based on the top betting exchange on the world, Betfair, while at the same time it offers some perks on its own. To make it a little bit clearer to you, becoming an Orbit exchange customer will let you bet using almost the same layout offered by Betfair, with the same features and at the same time without losing anything in terms of odds, sports availability, extra markets on every event and available live betting events among others. In fact you will get the same exact features and also, you will have the chance to bet with the same liquidity.

What differs your betting experience when you are an Orbit exchange customer, is other important things you won’t find in Betfair. For example, being an orbit exchange customer comes with a very much lower commission on your winnings, as the rate on OrbitX is at 3.5% no matter if you are a new or an existing bettor. From the very first bet and from the very first winnings you will get, you will have in your account more money than you would have if you would have chosen Betfair.

Moreover, being an Orbit exchange customer doesn’t mean that you would have to lose valuable moments from your betting activity just to verify that you are the one holding the account. Yes, you will find a KYC procedure, but we promise you that it will be quick and with no extra steps (selfies, videocalls) included. You just have to send your documents and within a few moments you will be ready. In general, the perks of being an Orbit exchange customer are more than choosing Betfair, but the big question remains.

How can you become an Orbit exchange customer? There are two ways of doing that, with the first being a little bit more complicated, but also a rather direct one. You should contact the OrbitX Customer Support through their Facebook page and you should wait for a reply and to be granted access. You can also become an Orbit exchange customer if another member will invite you to the platform.

There is though a much easier way to become an OrbitX exchange customer. You can choose a top class broker, just like Brokerstorm, which will give you the chance to place your bets on more than one operators, OrbitX included of course. That means that you will have the chance to be simultaneously an OrbitX exchange customer and a member on betting exchanges like Whitehorse, Fair999 and the best Asian bookmaker, PS3838. You just have to get in the official Brokerstorm page, click on the Sign Up button and fill in the registration form.

Afterwards, contact the Customer Support team asking for access to all these operators, make your first deposit and complete the Know Your Customer procedure, so you will be ready by the time the first winnings will become available at your betting account. Next, start placing your bets as an OrbitX exchange customer and as a member of all those intriguing operators, that will help you bring your betting activity to the next level.