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What does an Orbit exchange account have to offer?

Within the last decade many punters have turned their sights towards the betting exchanges, as the typical bookmakers are not able to cover the advanced bettors’ needs anymore. The fact is that nowadays there are many betting exchanges out there offering their services. There are the Betfair powered ones and many other alternative choices and to be honest, the punters are somehow confused on which are the exchanges they should choose to place their bets on. OrbitX is without any doubts the alternative betting exchange with the highest popularity, so expectedly, there are many punters eager to create an Orbit exchange account.


There are even more skeptics out there not being sure if they should make an OrbitX exchange account, as they need to have at hand even more information on what does the OrbitX exchange has to offer. In the following article we are going to analyze all those reasons to place your bets on the Orbit exchange and how exactly can you do so, without losing valuable moments in your quest to create your new account. Keep on reading as a handful of important information are going to be revealed in front of your eyes.


Which are the reasons to create an OrbitX exchange account?

Betting on Betfair might be fantastic, but the truth is that because of the many limitations and restrictions the betting experience is nowadays worse than it used to be. Thankfully the Betfair powered exchanges are here to offer all the benefits from Betfair, along with many other perks that the bettors would get only by creating an Orbit exchange account or by becoming a member on any other alternative exchange. In this case we are going to analyze everything an Orbit exchange account has to offer to the bettors and believe us, there are great advantages that are going to level up your betting.

First things first. We need to make sure that you understand that by creating an Orbit exchange account, you will get almost the same layout you would have on Betfair and along with that the same liquidity, something that means that your bets will never be unmatched. At the same time, you should expect to get the same number of sports, as the Orbit exchange account offers more than 25 categories, the same number of leagues on each one of them and the best part? The exact same number of extra markets offered at every match from the mother company, both on the biggest leagues like the Premier League, the Bundesliga and the Serie A and the minor ones. Also, you will have the chance to lay your hands on more than 10.000 live events per month.

It is time to see though which are the extra benefits a punter will get from creating an Orbit exchange account. The biggest perk of all is, of course, the lowered percentage rate the players will have to pay off in any case they have winnings from their placed bets. While on Betfair the standard rate is at 5% and it will be lowered as the time goes by and according to the punters’ activity, on OrbitX you will have the chance to begin with a 3.5% from the very first day and bet.

Moreover, it will be easier to complete your KYC when you are an Orbit exchange account, as you will just have to send an ID and a proof of address, along with a proof of the payment method you used to top up your account. Forget about extra steps and of course there are no limits on when you can send the documents, with the exception of the first withdrawal. Moreover, you will be able to use your crypto currencies to top up your account and make withdrawal from it, or even place your bets with those currencies.

Another great reason to open an OrbitX exchange account is the fact that you can bet from wherever you are thanks to the Curacao license held by the broker you have chosen, like Brokerstorm. The latter has an NV license and that means that not only players from all over the world are accepted, but in the same time you can enter the betting brokerage main page and from there your OrbitX exchange account without having to use a VPN service.

Brokerstorm is- without any doubts – the best betting broker service you can find out there, it is safe, it is easy to make an account and at the same time not only you will have the chance to have an OrbitX exchange account, but you will be able to handle from the same account and wallet 3 more betting exchanges and an Asian bookmaker. As you might understand, that can be translated into arbitrage betting, more winnings and the chance to become a pro punter by default! Do not miss out on this chance, become a Brokerstorm member now and own your OrbitX exchange account.