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OrbitX betting exchange vs Fair999

There are many betting exchanges in the industry that act as Betfair alternatives. Two of the most well known platforms are OrbitX and Fair999. These two betting exchanges offer quality services to punters worldwide, effectively substituting Betfair. However, if you want to access their site and start betting, you cannot do it directly from their homepage.

You must first open an account at, and from there you will get access to these top betting exchanges. In fact, FairExchange and OrbitX are just some of the many betting services includes. But what are the differences between these two, and which one should punters prefer?

Even though we talk about two Betfair alternatives, there are some aspects of each platform that make them differ. For example, the variety of sporting events, the betting markets, or the liquidity are just some of the things that these two betting services are not alike. In order to find out which one is the best platform to place your bets on, read the following article.

You will discover the distinctions between the Fair Exchange and OrbitX Exchange betting platforms and determine which the best place to wager is. You will also learn the advantages of each platform to help you choose the right one for you. So keep reading to find out which is the best betting exchange service.


Should the punters bet on OrbitX or on Fair999?

In terms of popularity, the Orbit Exchange betting platform is more well-known than Fair999. As a result, the vast majority of punters who sign up with prefer to wager on OrbitX rather than Fair Exchange. However, is this indeed the right choice, or does Fair Exchange have anything else to offer?

The truth is that the OrbitX Exchange betting platform has more advantages than Fair Exchange. Most high rollers and professional punters like to use the OrbitX services for trading and arbitrage strategies. There are many reasons that justify their choice, and you will learn about them further down.

Reasons for choosing OrbitX

Starting with the advantages of the OrbitX Exchange betting service, we must mention the variety of events that are available for betting. The site offers over 25 sports to bet on, either on pre-match events or live betting. The list includes all the popular sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, and cricket. The latter also has a dedicated section and a dedicated sportsbook included as well.

Moreover, you will find horse racing events, greyhound racing events, boxing, American football, baseball, and many more sports. The competitions and leagues that are available for betting are also many, from the most major ones to the most minor ones. This applies to all the sports available and to in-play events as well.

The betting markets available on the OrbitX Exchange betting platform are also greater than those available on Fair Exchange. Even though the difference is not as great, you will find many more betting opportunities on OrbitX. For example, in a soccer match, the betting markets available on OrbitX are usually around 30, while on Fair999 they are about 20 to 25.

Another big part that makes the OrbitX Exchange betting service a better choice is the liquidity. It means that OrbitX has more punters to place bets on the platform, so a bet is much easier to match. This is pretty important, especially in live betting, because you will want your bet to be placed as quickly as possible.

In addition, when you want to place a bet on OrbitX, you can see in real time how many bets have been matched up until that time. It’s a very useful feature that helps players decide in an effective way whether to place their bet on an event or not. Players who like to trade on the betting exchange will find it even more useful.

The Fair999 advantages

Fair Exchange is another excellent platform that provides some cool benefits to players. However, the advantages that it offers are not so unique and are similar to those of OrbitX. Let’s take, for example, the odds of the events. They are higher than the typical odds you will find at a sportsbook. Nevertheless, they are almost the same as those of OrbitX.

Like the OrbitX Exchange betting platform, Fair Exchange also has a matched betting indicator. The difference here is that you can see how many stakes matched on each bet. Some players may find it useful; however, it is not as good a feature as the matched indicator on OrbitX.

Fair Exchange maintains an arbitrage-friendly approach and provides professional players with high stake limits and trading options. The sports available are not many, but they offer a good collection of betting markets. To be more specific, there are only six sports available. These are soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, and greyhound racing.

As advantages, we can add the simple design of the site, which offers quick navigation through the many betting options and events. Furthermore, the platform has a fantastically responsive environment that allows bets to be placed from any mobile device. This is true for both pre-match and in-play betting.

So, what should I choose?

To sum up, both betting exchanges are good solutions for anyone who wants to use a Betfair alternative. However, the OrbitX Exchange betting platform is far superior, with far more features than the Fair Exchange platform.

The biggest difference is in the sports available and the betting markets. If you decide to bet on OrbitX through, you will have many more betting options to choose from. The variety of sports is quite higher, and the betting markets on each event are more than those offered by Fair Exchange.

Additionally, on betting exchanges, liquidity plays a huge role. If you want your bet to be matched faster, then the OrbitX Exchange betting service is also the best choice to place your bets. Even for small events, the liquidity is much higher, which makes it much easier for players to place bets and trade.

Regarding other betting features, OrbitX is also better, offering an excellent matched indicator that, in a betting exchange, is always useful. Moreover, the site is ideal for high-stakes players who want to use arbitrage strategies and secure profits. Furthermore, with an extremely low commission of only 3%, punters are likely to prefer OrbitX to any other platform.