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Is Orbitex Betfair a scam or a top class betting exchange?

There have been many betting exchanges out there claiming they are the best alternative to Betfair, but the truth is that only one is so close to the mother company. The one coming with almost the same layout, with just a change in the colors, the same liquidity and the exact same offering when the talk goes to the available betting sports, the leagues and countries being contained in each one of them and the extra markets offered in every separate match. We talk of course, about the Orbitex Betfair betting exchange, which is also known as OrbitX.


The punters find it difficult to fully trust the operator though, exactly because is thought to be an exact copy, but is that the correct approach? The answer here is no and the reasons are going to be analyzed within the next paragraphs. You will be able to find out all the great advantages coming with betting on Betfair’s Orbitex and all the reasons that should lead you in trusting the operator, as in the end you will see you betting activity passing on a whole new level. Keep on reading and we promise you that you are going to find extremely interesting information on the guide he have prepared for you.


Why should I trust Betfair’s Orbitex?

This question can be found on multiple different threads around the internet, as the punters try to understand what does Orbitex by Betfair has to offer to them and if is an operator that can be trusted by the punters. The answer to the latter is that we talk about a totally legit betting exchange which is in fact a Betfair powered operator. That means that the punters choosing Orbitex by Betfair will get everything they would get if they were to choose Betfair, but it just coming with a different name.

The operator has integrated the Betfair API on its platform, giving the players the opportunity to enjoy the exact same layout with just a different color (instead of the classic yellow from Betfair, you get Orbitex’s by Betfair green). In a few words we talk about a betting site having taken the green light from Betfair itself to be created and as such, it is more than obvious that the punters should trust it. You will also find the same encryption protocols, with the only vast difference between the two being the license held by each one. While Betfair has a license from the MGA, the UKGC and some respected local market (Spain, Italy etc.), Orbitex by Betfair holds a Curacao license. Something that gives the punters from every country, to reach out and enjoy the services offered by the mother company, even of the name of the brand is different; it is now Orbitex by Betfair.

At the same time, the offering is very similar, as the punters will have the chance to choose among 25+ sports, like football, basketball, tennis, American football, baseball, e-sports, fight sports, motor sports and more. In each one you are going to find tons of selections in terms of available matches, just like if you were about to bet on Betfair and of course, Orbitex by Betfair also offer the same number of extra markets on every match.

For example, on every match in the English Premier League, the German Bundersliga, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish Primera Division and the French Ligue 1 on football, as well as the NBA and the Euroleague on basketball, you can enjoy more than 100 extra bets on every event. Of course, you will not miss out on the chance to place lay bets and essentially become the bookmaker, just like you would do on Betfair.

On Betfair’s Orbitex the players will also enjoy the same liquidity, something that means that their bets will never remain unmatched as a wide player base is available. On the differences though, which all of them are in favor of the Betfair’s Orbitex, the punter will deal with a lower commission on their winnings. In contrast with Betfair’s 5%, where you have to place many bets in order to see this rate falling down, on Betfair’s Orbitex you will beging from the very first day and your very first bet with a rate as low as 3.5%. That means that in the long run the punters will have win more money than they would do if they would stick to Betfair or if they had even the chance to bet on the mother company.

Having said that it is also important that you will never have to use a VPN service, as Betfair’s Orbitex is available to every player around the world, especially if you will choose to become a member of the operator by using the best possible betting brokerage service, like Brokerstorm. The latter gives you the chance to enter OrbitX from everywhere, thanks to its NV license, while it is thought to be the safest betting broker around. Do not miss out on the chance to place your bets on Betfair’s Orbitex through the best betting broker, Brokerstorm. Register your new account now.