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Lay betting on golf with OrbitX


Golf is a sport that not many people are familiar with. Especially when it comes to betting, golf is usually among the last choices of punters, and it is not preferred. However, it might propose excellent betting options and chances for winning. If you want to give it a shot, the OrbitX lay betting system on golf is the best way to earn and profit.

By “lay betting,” we mean the ability to wager against an outcome. It’s an option that only betting exchanges offer and is useful for planning strategies. Even though golf differs a lot from other sports, it includes many betting markets that lay betting can be applied to. And all these markets are included on the OrbitX platform.

In the coming lines, you will learn how to play with lay betting and how to access the Orbit Exchange. You will see some examples of laying bets as well as some tips to use when placing bets on OrbitX. The golf lay betting tips will help you make the right betting choices and develop effective strategies.


What is OrbitX golf lay betting

The betting markets on golf are different from those on other sports. They mostly have to do with the winner of the tournament or certain places. However, you can lay a bet on all these categories and start making a profit. But how does OrbitX lay betting on golf work? In general, lay betting is when you bet against an outcome.

For example, you want to bet on a golf competition like the Mauritius Open. You can lay a bet on a golf player that he won’t win the tournament. So, if this golf player indeed doesn’t win the tournament, your bet is successful. Your profit will be your stake. For example, if you bet 50 euros, then your profit will also be 50 euros, minus the commission.

But what happens if your betting choice is incorrect and the golf player you laid a bet on wins the tournament? In that case, you must pay the “liability”. You see, when you place a bet on a betting exchange, you actually bet against another punter who wagers on the opposite result. So if you lose, you have to pay the other player. That’s what liability is.

On OrbitX, the lay betting system for golf is available for all the betting markets. Except for the winner of a competition, you will find options like top 5 finish, top 10 finish, and top 20 finish. Additionally, there are tournament match bets where you choose between two golf players who is going to have a higher rank.

In order to be successful on OrbitX, a golf lay betting strategy is necessary to help you raise your balance. Then, you will be able to try methods like arbitrage or trading that we will mention further down. Nevertheless, there are the most popular ways among punters to earn money on OrbitX golf betting with lay.


How to wager on OrbitX on golf betting with lay?

You might get confused about how to enter OrbitX and lay betting on golf since the platform doesn’t support direct registrations. On the other hand, a registration through is the only thing you have to do if you want to gain access to Orbit Exchange. is a betting agent who will allow you to bet on many sportsbooks and betting exchanges. After you open an account with the broker and complete the KYC procedure, you are ready to go. Be aware that you must first make a deposit before starting on OrbitX golf lay betting.

However, golf is not the only sport available on OrbitX. All the popular sports and events are included on the platform. You will find many betting choices for soccer, basketball, tennis, American sports, cricket, horse racing, and many more. The method of lay betting is available for almost all sports and all betting markets.

OrbitX also offers some of the best odds in the market. The platform is arbitrage friendly and encourages high rollers and professional players to use high stakes by having very high limits. Furthermore, we must mention the low commission rate of the platform, which is at 3%. Other exchanges, like Betfair, have a commission of 5% to 7% on punters’ winnings.


The top OrbitX lay betting golf tips

There are various ways to take advantage of the OrbitX lay betting system on golf. The most common way is through trading, a strategy that many professional punters use. But how does sports betting trading work? The key is to find the right odds that will rise before or during the event. If you bet on a golfer and the starting odds rise during the tournament, you can back bet on that player to protect your winnings.
OrbitX golf betting with lay is also excellent for arbitrage opportunities. Although these cases are kind of rare, there is a possibility of coming across one. However, you will need a tool called an “arbitrage calculator.” With this, you can compare the odds you find to see if there is an arbitrage opportunity.
Arbitrage works by placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event. This means that with OrbitX lay betting on golf, you can lay and back bet on the same choice to cover all possible outcomes. If the odds are correct, then you will make money without caring who wins the competition. The calculator will also show you the right amount to stake on each bet.